"Airstream Gourmet" is looking for freelance and part-time Project Managers, Event Managers,Chefs,Sous-Chefs,Waiters and Catering Sales personnel and hostesses for exhibitions, all including freelance and part-time.
We also require models for photo shoots to advertise our products and services."



Do you want to be a call off member of our Tequila Party Team?
Are you attractive, a hardworking girl or guy and willing to work flexible daily and evening shifts in Berlin, Hamburg, Munchen etc.?

Jobs are Shot Girl/Guy, Promo staff , Cocktail waitresses and waiters.

Preferred areas of study:
Advertising / Marketing /PR/ Hospitality/Sports or Modeling and or Messe Hostess.

Job Requirements:
You must be over 18 years old, reliable, attractive, confident, and great at meeting new people. Tequila Shot girl/guy serving tequila as on the above photos: Earning Euro 80--Euro150 on a commission basis based on a 3 hour working evening. Promotional staff, Hosts, waitress, door girls: Euro 8--15 per hour. Available to work day, evenings and weekends.

Please send your CV (photos), contact details and a brief description as what you’re interested in doing to